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For those who read my last post High Converting Headlines Are Sitting On Women’s Coffee Tables This post is a little bit of a follow up.  Previously I outed an awesome place to copy attention grabbing headlines.  For this post I wanted to talk a little more about some of my personal methods to come up with niches, headlines, ad copy, images, ideas, etc. for dating ads. (this can be applied to other verticals too)

I’ll go ahead and out the source it’s one you already know Plenty Of Fish. Don’t read their blog? Shame on you.. POF Blog.

I see a lot of affiliates especially newbies have some trouble being creative and creating angles for their campaigns to make them unique and eye catching.  This leads people to spend their time scraping ads on what ever traffic source they are running in an effort to find out what works and come up with some “new” ideas.  This isnt a bad thing in fact I monitor other peoples ads a fair amount myself, but if you really want to boost your CTR’s and come up with some effective copy the answers aren’t hard to find in fact they are right under your nose.

The annoyingly over used phrase “The customer is always right” applies to affiliate marketing just as much as any other business.  Some build campaigns and test ideas out of pure guess work hoping that they will stumble upon an idea that their potential customers will respond too.   The point of this post is to show you that it doesn’t always have to be guess work in fact the customers will even tell you EXACTLY what they want.  All you need to do is listen.

How can you do that? Read user profiles.  This sounds like a simple solution and it really is.  So close out your scraper for a bit log into one of your POF accounts (don’t have one? Make one).  Lets say I have a broad demographic.

Males, Age:30-40, Single, Caucasian, USA

Now ask yourself “What do these guys want?”  Obviously women, because they are on a dating site, but specifically what are they looking for?  Pretend that you are a single female and enter your demo in the search criteria to start reading and viewing some profiles at random.

Read at least 10-15 and I guarantee you will start to see some patterns.

Things To Take Notes On:

  1. Interests/activities: Do they like the outdoors? Video Games? Sports? Working out? These are all potential niches to hit on once you see a few starting to take a trend that could be your next high volume angle for your ads.
  2. Profile Headline: These are VERY different between men and women, but you will always start to see patterns. These will give you an idea to the attitude of the users your targeting.  Ask yourself do they sound timid or self conscious?  Are they long or short? Do they try to be funny? Do they sound stupid?
  3. Profile Pics: Pretty self explanatory and I’m sure your  split testing the crap out of images already, but take note of the poses people use, backgrounds, etc.
  4. Problems: After reading a lot of profiles I’ve found that both men and women use their POF profile sometimes as less of an ad about themselves and more of a soap box about their frustrations with life, dating, the opposite sex, and the world.  They are telling you their problems so hit them with the animated .gif that will change their life.
  5. Wording!!! This one gets exclamation points, because its huge.  People in marketing/advertising/affiliates have a very different thought process and way of thinking than other people do.  People in New York City speak differently than people in Mobile Alabama.  While your reading profiles take special care to note what types of words your potential customers are using to describe what they want.  Marketers like to use words like “meet” “want” “find” they like to use words like “looking” “searching” “hoping” etc.  I for example found that looking is a very overused term on profiles and you bet your ass I split tested “want yadayada girls?” .vs. “looking for yadayada girls”

I could go on and list more things to look out for, but you get the point.  Listen to what people are asking for and GIVE IT TO THEM!



Awesome High Converting Headlines Are Sitting On Women’s Coffee Tables

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Copy writing is an art.  An art that many an affiliate marketer has yet to and may never master.  This leads many to copy the same old played out ads over and over again.  When it comes to targeting the opposite sex affiliates struggle even harder. (most affiliates who run dating offers target men not just because of the volume but because they have no clue how to appeal to women in their ads)

If your going to copy ideas/ads wouldn’t you rather copy from some of the best headline writers in the business? I know I would.

One super secret source to awesome headlines? Cosmo…

Cosmo magazine headline writers are freaking awesome at what they do. Print is a dying industry but they are the ones keeping the mags alive. Where do you most often see Cosmo magazines placed? Checkout lines.  Grocery stores, pharmacies, etc.  The potential customer is clearly there to buy something else, but they buy thousands of magazines without having any time at all to really browse through them or even read a single article. Why? They are sold on the headline.  People don’t buy magazines when they wait in line what they really buy are powerful headlines.

The writers at Cosmo need the user to purchase the magazine on impulse and this impulse is created through extremely appealing, interesting, useful, and even sexy headlines on the cover.  Here are a few example headlines.

“skin so good it doesn’t need make up?”

“4 things all guys keep private”

“Get rid of muffin top:7 belly blasting tricks”

Dating, Diet, Skincare, Email subs, it doesn’t matter what you promote odds are Cosmo has an AWESOME headline you could use and its probably much more creative, effective, and powerful then any of yours or my lameass ads.

Now before you go raid a local gynecologist office of their magazine stash save your self some time and just search Cosmo covers on google/bing images. BOOM! Now you have a lifetime supply of amazing headlines and ideas to test.

While Cosmo is a great source for a lot of niches don’t forget about the other ultimate checkout line hustler The National Enquirer.  In fact I based my Man Dates Mermaid campaign spoof based on some of their ideas.


Remember the companies selling these still hugely popular mags are masters of catching peoples attention and creating uncontrollable interest that can only be quenched by slapping their mag on the counter and buying a copy.  Don’t just take notes on the headlines and phrases they use.  Take note of the photos, the text font, the colors, etc.  Think its a mere coincidence that The National Enquirer uses GIANT YELLOW BOLD FONT? Or that they use realistic/grainy looking photos? Any pub who’s run a dating offer or two knows that the less a photo looks like a stock photo the better the CTR’s tend to be.  These guys have known this for years. They also use words like secret, shocking!, sex, divorce, and scandal!

So if your looking for more ideas to spice up your campaigns or you can’t seem to come up with anything better than “One weird trick” I suggest you turn to the pro’s of intrigue that are checkout line mags.

Cheers to making people impulsive!


P.S! I know some of you might think “oh well if i wanna target men I should copy Maxim and Playboy headlines” FAIL. WRONG. SORRY. Remember those magazine sell mainly because of IMAGES not headlines.